Who We Are

Funded through a grant from the World Bank Group and partners, the Ghana Climate Innovation Center (GCIC) is a green project incubation hub where entrepreneurs and startup ventures can access support to develop their innovative ideas into strong and viable businesses. 

Thematic Areas

Energy Efficiency

Ghana’s power sector continues to face difficulties in closing its supply shortfall; energy efficiency solutions provide an immediate step to fixing this problem, and could save the country millions annually.

Water & Sanitation

With a population of 27 million, about 23 million of Ghana’s people do not have access to improved sanitation, and 3 million do not have access to safe drinking water. Solutions to this challenge could greatly reduce related diseases and mortality.

Climate Smart Agric

With an abundant supply of natural resources, Ghana has a great environment for building a thriving agriculture industry. Mitigating the impact of climate change on these resources will be a necessary requirement for this industry.

How to fight climate change and create jobs

Our Model

The Ghana Climate Innovation Center provides business advise and training, market development services, access to product testing facilities and collaborative engagement on climate policy. In this way, the GCIC acts as a national focal point, coordinating efforts in promoting the growth of locally relevant climate sectors. The global network of CICs also provide a platform to create international business-to-business linkages, enhance knowledge sharing and facilitate trade.

1. Business Acceleration

The GCIC will provide business advisory and mentoring services to startups, and facilitate technical training and skills development for entrepreneurs. The center will also provide co-sharing spaces and offices.

2. Tech and Product Development

The center will provide access to technical facilities and services to design, prototype, text and demonstrate products. We will also provide commercialisation support for universities and research institutes working in the climate tech space.

3. Matchmaking

The GCIC will tap into the global network of climate innovation centers, to promote knowledge sharing, business collaboration, and stakeholder engagement which could help provide growth opportunities for Ghana’s green economy.

4. Market Development

We will support startups with research and analytics on markets, sector trends and analytics to help them identify opportunities to scale their impact and improve the lives of more Ghanaians.

5. Financing

Our proof-of-concept grants, and direct seed capital will provide up to $1million in funding for businesses, and the center will also facilitate access to commercial investments for its entrepreneurs and startups.

6. Policy and Regulatory Support

A key part of the GCIC’s work will be advocacy with government stakeholders on climate change policy issues, as well as building dialogue between the public and private sectors of Ghana’s green economy.

The Climate Innovation Centre Approach

The World Bank Group’s Climate Technology Program is establishing a global network of Climate Innovation Centers in seven countries around the world: the Caribbean, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, and Vietnam. The centers are locally-owned institutions that provide clean technology ventures with the knowledge, capital, and access to markets required to launch and scale their businesses. Climate Innovation Centers provide holistic support to entrepreneurs and new ventures that surpasses traditional incubation models. The centers offer seed financing, policy interventions, and network linkages, as well as technical and business training.


Innovation Centres Worldwide


Trillion Dollars Expected in Investments Over Next Decade

Our People

Job Openings

Job Description

The Entrepreneurship Manager/Director position is for five (5) years and will oversee the design and execution of all GCIC entrepreneurship support programs including a cohort-based accelerator program and technology incubation program. This is a critical position for the GCIC and demands a highly capable and dynamic individual comfortable in an entrepreneurial environment who also has the discipline to design and execute the centers programs for entrepreneurs. The selected candidate will be a member of the GCIC executive committee and report directly to the GCIC’s Executive Director.

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