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Empowering ShaQ Express to Deliver a Cleaner, Healthier Future

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We are honored to share our remarkable journey with the GCIC Incubator, an organization that has supported ShaQ Express over the last 9 months in our journey towards sustainability and a clean environment. With our unwavering dedication to bringing digital transformation to the e-commerce and logistics sector, we found the perfect partner in the GCIC Incubator. 

 From the very beginning, our vision at ShaQ Express has been to revolutionize the shopping experience by bridging the gap between vendors and customers. Through our holistic platform, we offer a wide range of services, enabling users to order food, buy goods, access home services, move packages, and even shop from an online pharmacy. The GCIC Incubator recognized the potential in our vision and provided us with the resources, mentorship, and partnerships needed to turn it into a reality. 

One of the core values of ShaQ Express is sustainability, and we have taken significant steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Incorporating electric motorcycles into our delivery fleet has been a crucial aspect of our commitment to sustainability. Out of our total fleet of 60 motorbikes, 17 are electric, representing over a quarter of our vehicles. This shift from conventional to electric motorcycles has resulted in a remarkable decrease in carbon emissions. Each of our motorbikes travels an average of 200km per day, and by transitioning to electric vehicles, we estimate to have reduced carbon emissions by approximately 2,040 kg per day. GCIC’s support, amounting to CAD 21,000 helped us acquire 8 more electric motorcycles, played a vital role in making this sustainable transition possible. 

ShaQ Express proudly stands as an embodiment of modern enterprise, one that harmonizes economic growth with ecological consciousness. We are more than just a delivery service; we are delivering on a commitment to a cleaner, healthier future. Thanks to the GCIC Incubator, we have been able to amplify our impact and create positive change in the e-commerce and logistics sector by fostering job creation and gender diversity. The Incubator has provided us with invaluable mentorship, access to resources like Cousera, Masterclasses, workshops, and strategic partnerships that have propelled us forward. 

We wholeheartedly recommend the GCIC Incubator to aspiring startups and entrepreneurs who share our passion for innovation and sustainability. Their unwavering support and commitment to nurturing businesses like ours make them an invaluable partner on the journey to success. 

Thank you, GCIC Incubator, for believing in us and empowering us to make a difference. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for our industry and our planet.’