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The Ghana Climate Innovation Centre’s Eighth Cohort Pitch for Grant Funding

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Cohort 8 of the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre’s business Incubator recently concluded their final grant pitch sessions at the Villa Monticello Boutique Hotel in Accra on September 18th and 19th, 2023. The presentations were made before a panel of three judges: Ruka Sanusi, the Executive Director of GCIC, Isaac Asomani, Investment Manager at Innohub, and Valerie Enchiful, Investment Associate at Injaro Capital.

This pitch event is an integral part of GCIC’s incubation program, which equips innovators with a unique blend of in-house instruction and hands-on experiences, allowing them to refine their skills, professionalism, and gain invaluable insights into the world of private enterprise. During the Pitch Day, these entrepreneurs applied the knowledge and skills they had acquired throughout the incubation program to seek grants aimed at scaling up their adaptive and mitigating products.

Cohort 8 stands out for its remarkable diversity, with ten out of twenty-six (26) of its ventures led by women, underscoring the increasing influence of female entrepreneurs in Ghana’s business landscape. Over their nine (9) month incubation period, the cohort has set ambitious goals, including a 30% increase in baseline revenues, a 10% profit growth, and a 20% increase in employment.

Among the diverse range of companies that presented their pitches were “Grow For Me,” an enterprise focused on developing sustainable aviation fuel from Moringa, “Legendary Foods,” a business specializing in alternative, nature-based protein sourced from palm larvae, and “Eco Period,” a company dedicated to producing locally made and sustainable reusable sanitary pads.

Valerie Enchiful, a panel judge, noted that most of the participating businesses displayed an exceptional preparation and a clear understanding of how they intended to utilize the grant money to transform their operations.

To learn more about the remarkable entrepreneurs participating in cohort 8 of the GCIC Business Incubator, please visit the GCIC website through this link: