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Our Alummi

Mpampa Cereals

Mpampa Cereals is in Accra and processes cereals. It was established in 2022 and currently has 7 employees. Some of the products of the business include tom brown flour, hausa porridge flour and buff loaf flour. It current has installed production capacity of 300KG per day. Manufacturing processes generate a lot of waste and use a lot of resources. If waste is not properly handled, it can lead to environmental pollution. Line inefficiencies also contribute to unsustainable use of water, energy, and other inputs. Mpampa cereals aims to improve its processes to be more sustainable.

Trimark Aquaculture Centre (TAC)

Mark Yeboah-Agyepong is the Founder and Centre Director of TriMark Aquaculture Centre (TAC). He graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) with Masters of Philosophy Parasitology (2014), Bachelor of Science Natural Resources Management (2010), and Diploma Natural Resources Management (2003). He began by conducting feasibility studies on nutrient recovery from communal wastewater (black, grey and kitchen spent water sources) for commercial fish production in Ghana since 2010 till date. He worked for Waste Enterprisers, KNUST and International Water Management Institute in different capacities such as Aquaculture Production Manager; Teaching/Research Assistant and Contract Researcher respectively. Mark is presently providing oversight responsibility at TAC to run a pilot business model in recycling wastewater for fish production in Kumasi, Ghana.

In most urban cities, domestic wastewater especially black and greywaters are discharged into the environment untreated. This wastewater ends up contaminating surface waters and underground water sources. Trimark Aquaculture Centre, seeks to solve this problem by recovering nutrients from the wastewater for fish culture and revenue from the fish is ploughed back into the business to address the shortage of funds in the sanitation value chain. The short term plan of TAC is to embark on full-scale commercial production (6,000kg/year) of the fish and after which the business model could be replicated in other potential sites in Ghana and other African countries to sustainably address sanitation.

BlueSparks Water Technologies

Isaac Monney is the Founder and Innovations Manager of Bluesparks Water Technologies Limited and a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Environmental Health and Sanitation Education, University of Education, Winneba. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, a Masters Degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management and currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Water Supply and Treatment Technologies at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Bluesparks Water Technologies provides innovative water and wastewater recycling technologies and services for domestic and industrial purposes. We are responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of wastewater recycling technologies currently for industrial applications. Since 2015, the company has been dedicated to developing innovative technologies for recycling of wastewater from the carwash industry. We have committed extensive resources into prototyping and field-testing different technologies suitable for carwash wastewater recycling in Ghana’s largest cities; Accra and Kumasi. With the support of a team of experts from South America and Europe, we currently have a functional technology that produces clean water from carwash wastewater. This will enable operators of carwash operators to increase their revenues by weaning them from the public water utility and hence get more value from the water. As water resources become scarce across the globe, such technology will contribute to protecting this vital resource.

Alchemy Alternative Energy

Seth Quansah is the co-founder and managing director/CEO of Alchemy Alternative Energy (AAE). Seth has over 10 years of business leadership, strategy, and management experience. Prior to AAE, Seth co-founded and led several companies and organizations in the United States and Ghana including RAD-AID International (global radiology program), Zuri-neo LLC (diversified socially-oriented businesses), and Coderina (robotic engineering organization). His sectors of experience spans across social entrepreneurship, medicine, and health technologies. His vision is to address and meet the energy demands in the sub-Sahara African region through his work.

Alchemy Alternative Energy is a waste management company that converts waste from plastics and tires – through internationally approved and environmentally sound processes – into hydrocarbon products by incentivizing local Ghanaian citizens through its well-designed waste purchasing program.

Gamma Energie

Emmanuel Asaam has worked in different industries with notable companies such as Stanbic Bank  Ghana, Vivo Energy (Shell) Ghana Limited and Scangroup Limited (where he managed projects both for Coca-Cola and Vodafone). Emmanuel is a results-driven individual with strong critical thinking and analytical skills. He has a good track record of coming up with creative procedures and system processes which are efficient and effective in getting jobs completed with excellence. He started Gamma Energie since 2015.

Global Bamboo Products Limited

Gloria Asare Adu is the founder and owner of Global Bamboo Products Limited (GBPL). Her dream in Bamboo and rattan business started 12 years ago. She holds a diploma in Agribusiness Management at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Ghana and has gained experience in business management through her work life over the years. Gloria has undertaken various courses and been on different workshops. One of such workshops led to the establishment of GBPL, which has pioneered the development of bamboo and other non-timber forest products in Ghana. She enjoys gardening, and dancing at her leisure times.

Global Bamboo Products Limited (GBPL) is a hybrid social enterprise in the development of Bamboo and other non-timber forest products (NTFP) providing a substitute for traditional timber products. GBPL’S main focus of business is the cultivation of bamboo and processing of bamboo into products such as bamboo charcoal and briquettes, construction for housing and furnishing, and crafts. The other arm of the enterprise involves skills training, agro forestry and other sustainable alternative livelihood activities.