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What We Do

Business Incubation Program

The Business Incubation Program is a cutting-edge business incubator of the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) with the aim of providing support to transformative entrepreneurs who have innovative solutions and businesses that aid in the mitigation or adaptation of climate change.

Women Entrepreneurs' Transformation Program (WETP)

Women Entrepreneurs Transformation Program® (WETP) has been designed to respond to the need for gender-sensitive business advisory services, and to amplify the voice and agency of women in the business sector.

Policy Alternatives for a Green Economy (PAGE - Ghana)

Through PAGE-Ghana, our policy advocacy work unit, GCIC strives to influence the acceleration of government decision making for policies that give room for a climate resilient society driven by innovation, low carbon solutions, ‘carbon budgets’, and policy plans to meet carbon budgets.

STAGE Story Telling

GCIC’s strategic communications is implemented through STAGE Story Telling, i.e. Strategic Communications and Story Telling for a Green Economy. Overall, STAGE Story Telling focuses on: Knowledge sharing for a green, low carbon economy, thought leadership for a green low carbon economy, ensuring gender diversity and inclusion, advocacy and behavioral change