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The Business Incubation Program at the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) is at the forefront of nurturing transformative entrepreneurs with innovative solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Our program is tailored to support entrepreneurs across various sectors, including energy efficiency & renewable energy, solar power, climate smart agriculture, domestic waste management, and water management and purification.

Moreover, we offer specialized support to larger SMEs looking to enhance sustainability in their processes and operations.

Through our cutting-edge incubation program, we empower entrepreneurs to drive positive change and build resilient businesses for a sustainable future.

GCIC drives transformative change, empowering the next wave of ethical business leaders poised to revolutionize Ghana. With bold determination, we nurture businesses that fuel economic progress while championing sustainability to combat environmental challenges and climate change.


The incubation program spans 9 months, providing ample time for entrepreneurs to refine their ventures and skills.


Upon completion of the incubation journey, entrepreneurs receive certification of participation at a graduation event, recognizing their dedication and growth.

Size of Cohort

In each cohort, GCIC's School of Sustainable Entrepreneurship carefully selects and supports up to 25 driven entrepreneurs, ensuring personalized attention and a conducive learning environment.

Incubator Overview

Our incubator blends classroom learning with hands-on experience to cultivate entrepreneurship professionalism and equip entrepreneurs for long-term success.

Key Program Interventions:

  • “High-Value Mini MBA” programs via Coursera for business acumen.
  • Portfolio management
  • Market growth and access intelligence briefs.
  • Financial & technical grants
  • Investor readiness program
  • Climate-smart technology and product development
  • Environmental and social safeguards, due diligence, and audits

Our program challenges entrepreneurs to prioritize sustainable commercial success while considering their impact on Ghana, Africa, and beyond.

Business Incubation Timelines

Quarter 1

  • Induction
  • Technical assessment of businesses to assess key sustainable business needs.
  • Online mini-MBA via Coursera
  • Portfolio management and incubation objectives setting
  • ESG masterclasses
  • Financial grant pitching & disbursement

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

  • Portfolio management continues
  • Investment readiness program
  • Speaker series - diverse perspectives and insights across a variety of topics and sectors

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

  • Portfolio management continues
  • Investment readiness program continues
  • Speaker series continues
  • Investment pitch deck
  • Evaluation of KPI achieved**
  • Graduation
  • Alumni registration and induction

Quarter 3

Application Process

The application process into GCIC’s Business Incubation Program involves 5 key stages. After each stage, qualifying entrepreneurs progress to the next stage until the final cohort is accepted and inducted. The stages are


Expression of Interest

Assessing alignment between the entrepreneur's venture and GCIC’s focus areas.


Detailed Application

Entrepreneurs complete a comprehensive form evaluating business viability, potential impact, and team.



An open dialogue with GCIC's team to establish expectations and align objectives.



Entrepreneurs showcase their business's capability and readiness through a live presentation to a panel.



The final stage involves a physical visit by GCIC's team to validate the application and information provided throughout the process.

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