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At GCIC, we understand the power of storytelling to drive awareness, educate stakeholders, and promote the importance of climate resilience among SMEs. That’s why we’ve developed STAGE Storytelling – Strategic Communications and Storytelling for a Green Economy.

STAGE Storytelling encompasses various elements, including strategic communications, public relations, digital strategy, and thought leadership, all aimed at achieving our organizational goals effectively.

Through STAGE Storytelling, we aim to:

  • Share knowledge for a green, low-carbon economy, fostering understanding and collaboration.
  • Lead conversations and initiatives to promote thought leadership in sustainable practices.
  • Ensure gender diversity and inclusion, amplifying the voices of all stakeholders.
  • Highlight success stories beyond our entrepreneurs, showcasing the broader impact of GCIC’s initiatives.
  • Advocate for behavioral change, inspiring action towards a more sustainable future.
  • With STAGE Storytelling, we aim to inspire, inform, and engage audiences, driving positive change towards a greener, more resilient economy.