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At GCIC, we understand the urgency of transitioning to a low-carbon or zero-carbon economy for all nations. Delaying this transition only increases its long-term costs and challenges.

In Ghana, the climate and clean technology sector faces various barriers, including policy gaps and regulatory weaknesses. These obstacles hinder incremental development and growth in the sector. Recognizing this, GCIC’s Policy Alternatives for a Green Economy (PAGE-Ghana) initiative focuses on addressing these challenges head-on.

Through PAGE-Ghana, we advocate for policies that foster innovation, promote low-carbon solutions, and ensure climate resilience. Our efforts include:

  • Conducting Green Policy Research and fiscal analysis to inform policy decisions.
  • Advocating to the government on climate policy issues, urging for swift and effective action.
  • Facilitating Policy Dialogues, Roundtables, and Events to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing.
  • Engaging in International Peer Exchange and Knowledge Brokerage to learn from global best practices and experiences.
  • By driving policy change and fostering collaboration, PAGE-Ghana aims to accelerate Ghana’s transition to a green, resilient economy.